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About Reconditioned Forklifts

Reconditioned Forklifts is a new name online, but not a new used forklift company. We are affiliated with Bahrns Material Handling and Equipment Company, one of the oldest and most respected names in warehouse supplies and materials handling equipment in Illinois.

The history of Bahrns Equipment Company goes back to 1966, when the company was first established in Effingham, Illinois. The company quickly gained a reputation for superior customer service and enjoyed steady growth even in the early years of its development. Thanks to continued growth, the company has expanded several times over the years and now has three Central Illinois locations to serve its ever expanding customer base.

The internet has allowed Bahrns to expand its range even further and make it easier for their customers to find used forklifts. In order to be able to maintain the same high level of personalized service the company built its reputation on, the decision to make a separate arm of the business was made. This website is the result.

What you cannot see on our website are the people behind it. Unlike so many other online businesses, that virtually run on autopilot, when you find a used forklift for sale here, you will be buying it from highly trained and experienced members of a team. Many of the members of the Bahrns staff have been with the company for over a quarter of a century and take pride in being part of a team that works together to ensure we give unparalleled customer satisfaction. We are more than just a used forklift dealer. We are materials handling specialists who know every facet of our industry.

This level of expertise is important when you are looking for a reconditioned forklift. What kind of forklift do you need? If you are unsure, we can work with you and help you find the perfect one for your needs. Do you need a new or reconditioned forklift? The answer depends on several factors. We will give you our honest assessment and help you make your best decision.

Our service staff is as experienced and conscientious as our customer service and administrative staff is. This is of vital importance to you, the customer. All of our reconditioned forklifts are inspected, serviced and repaired by factory trained technicians with years of experience behind them. Their aim is the same as the rest of the Bahrns family: to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. This commitment to quality is what built Bahrns Equipment and is now building

Our long history as a used forklift dealer also affords us a wide network of industry contacts. Because of this, we always have a wide range of lift trucks at very competitive prices available to our customers. Although we probably have what you're looking for in stock, if we don't, we can probably find it for you. We also have excellent long term working relationships with all of the major forklift manufacturers, including Toyota, for whom we are a certified reconditioned Toyota forklift dealer, and can provide you with fast service for any OEM parts you may need in the future.

In short, is not just a faceless online used forklift company. We are the interface between you and one of the oldest and most respected names in the materials handling world - Bahrns Material Handling and Equipment Company.


Reconditioned Forklifts

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