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Caterpillar Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks

Caterpillar ForkliftsCaterpillar Forklifts: A Familiar Household Name


If you are looking for used forklifts for sale online, you want to start by looking at used forklifts from brands you know you can rely on for quality and performance. Caterpillar lift trucks are such a brand. Everyone is familiar with the Caterpillar name: it is synonymous with quality. Affectionately nicknamed "Cat", this company cemented its reputation generations ago with their range of tractors. Their same legendary quality is included in their range of new and used forklifts.

What are you looking for in a used forklift? Do you need a Class I electric used forklift? Caterpillar offers 6 models of Class I electric new and used forklifts alone. Their range starts with the 2,500-4,000 lb 3 wheel pneumatic tire lift trucks. As Caterpillar says: "A comfortable operator is a productive operator." Advanced ergonomics are built into every Caterpillar lift truck. They are also designed to increase visibility and their exclusive AC power steering and other features are designed to greatly reduce operator fatigue. While many of these advanced features are relatively new, they can be found in many 
Caterpillar lift trucks, as well as in new models. 

Different Models of Caterpillar Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks

Caterpillar ForkliftsIf a 4000 lb lift capacity is not enough for you, then at the top end of the Caterpillar new and used lift trucks is their 12,000 lb capacity electric cushion truck. These feature Caterpillar's exclusive Presence Detection System (PDS), which automatically disengages the transmission if the operator is not seated or the parking brake is not on when the lift truck is stationary. To make steering a breeze, they feature hydrostatic power steering. If you purchase one of these new or used forklifts by Cat, you will have a vehicle that does all the hard work for you, while the operator sits in comfort and safety.

For heavy duty applications, there is the 17,500-30,000 lb internal combustion, pneumatic tire Class V Caterpillar new and used lift truck. These, like their electric counterparts, are designed to do the tough work, leaving the operator free to do his job with as little effort as possible for maximum safety and efficiency. These, too, feature the PDS system and hydrostatic power steering, as well as hydraulic controls that make vehicle operation effortless.

All of Caterpillar's superior technology can be found in many of their used forklifts and other used lift trucks. A reconditioned used Cat will give you many years of faithful service and if maintenance or repair is required, Caterpillar offers a full range of OEM parts for their used lift trucks.

Reconditioned Forklifts is a "one stop" source for all types of used forklifts. We carry all quality brands of used forklifts, including tough Caterpillars and Toyota forklifts and used lift trucks. We have been in the materials handling business for over four decades and take pride in our reputation for service, quality and expertise. If you need a used forklift, but have not found the one you need, Contact Us. Our experienced team of customer representatives will help you choose the right used lift truck for your application.


Caterpillar Forklifts

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