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Clark Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks

Clark Forklifts: The First Forklift Builder

Clark Forklifts

While the Clark Forklift name is a familiar and highly respected name in lift trucks, not many people realize that the very first forklifts ever made were built by Clark. This company has been making forklifts since 1917. Since then, Clark has manufactured over a million forklifts. Obviously, if you are looking for a used forklift, any other type of used lift truck or powered industrial truck, you will find plenty of Clark used lift trucks for sale.

Clark ForkliftsClark has always kept up with the times and added innovative features to their product range. An example of this is their extensive range of AC electric new and used lift trucks. They currently have 4 types of electric lift trucks to choose from. There are three models in their EPX series. The EPX 16 model has a lifting capacity of 1600 lbs, the EPX 18 can handle 1800 lbs and the EPX, the largest in the range, has a capacity of 2000 lbs. All of these EPX new and used forklifts are 4 wheel, pneumatic tire, sit down trucks that include advanced features like hydraulic lift cushioning, hydrostatic power steering and a built in diagnostic system. As with most of the Clark forklifts and used forklifts, these features can be found, since they have been Clark inclusions for many years now. 


Types of Clark Forklifts ans Used Forklifts


Clark also has 2 types of electric reach trucks on offer. There are seven versions of their CRX range of new and used lift trucks of this type available. If you're looking for a good Narrow Aisle used forklift, one of these will no doubt serve your needs perfectly. With lifting capacities ranging from 1000 to 2500 pounds, you can find a model that is virtually custom made to your used lift truck specifications. 

If you're looking for a Narrow Aisle stand up reach truck, the Clark NPR series will fit the bill. These have lifting capacities of between 3000 and 4500 lbs and come with a variety of different outrigger widths. If you need extra lifting capacity in your used lift truck, the NPR series is for you.

Clark ForkliftsOf course, there are plenty of gas and diesel new and used Clark forklifts, too. They have a large range of both pneumatic and cushion tire models available. The "Gen 2" series of new and used forklifts are the real workhorses of the range and are designed for heavy manufacturing, building materials handling and heavier warehouse applications. These are some of the most sought after used forklifts in the Clark Forklift range.


Clark Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks at Bahrns 

Reconditioned Forklifts is your online source for used lift trucks. We stock all major brands of used forklifts, including popular Clark and used Toyota forklifts. Our easy to navigate site allows you to find the right used forklift for your needs. You can find used lift trucks by brand, by class, by year of manufacture or by price on If you want further information about any of our used lift trucks or are not sure about what type of used forklift you need, have a look at our Forklift Guide and contact us for further information. We have over 40 years experience in materials handling behind us and can help you with any questions you may have.

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