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Electric Forklift for Sale

Electric Forklifts for Sale: Classes & Codes

We offer every class and code of forklift for sale here on As part of the Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment & Supplies family, we have over 40 years experience answering our customers’ materials handling questions. One question we are frequently asked even by customers who have purchased forklifts from us in the past is: “What is the best electric forklift for our needs?” A general understanding of the classes and codes for electric forklifts for sale on the market today will help you make a more informed choice.

electric rider forklift

Class I: Electric Motor Rider Trucks

Class I electric lift trucks are all forklifts that have a carriage for an operator (rider). Within that framework, however, there are several variations or “codes” to choose from:

  1. Lift Code 1 electric trucks are counterbalanced stand up models.
  2. Lift Code 4 electric motor rider trucks are highly maneuverable 3 wheel vehicles with operator seats (“sit down”).
  3. Lift Code 5 trucks are counterbalanced, sit down models with cushion tires. 
  4. Lift Code 6 lift trucks are counterbalanced, sit down models with either pneumatic or cushion tires.

Class I electric motor forklifts are what most laypersons think of when they think of a warehouse forklift.

Class II: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks

Class II electric forklifts are specially designed to operate in narrow or very narrow aisles. A Class II electric forklift for sale will either be designated a Narrow Aisle (NA) or Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) lift truck. The primary difference between Class II electric trucks and others is that instead of being counterbalanced, they have outriggers running parallel to the forks to support their load. There are 8 variations or codes of these:

  1. Lift Code 1 is a “High Lift Straddle” electric truck. As the name implies, it is designed to reach high shelves or pallet racks.
  2. Lift Code 2 “Order Pickers” are personnel carriers designed to lift a worker safely to “pick” individual “orders” from high racks or shelves.
  3. Lift Code 3 Reach Type Outriggers include telescoping forks with horizontal “reach.”
  4. Lift Code 4 Side Load Platform trucks have platforms placed perpendicularly to the carriage.
  5. Lift Code 4 Side Load High Lift Pallet trucks have forks placed perpendicularly to the carriage. The forks extend to pick up a pallet and then retract to a balance, centered position for transport. 
  6. Lift Code 4 Turret Trucks have swinging turret mechanisms. Either the rider or the forks will be lifted on a turret mast. 
  7. Lift Code 6 Low Lift Platform trucks include a platform for the operator to stand on, with the option to walk behind.
  8. Lift Code 6 Low Lift Pallet trucks are walk behind (“walkies”) only.

Class III: Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/Rider Trucks

Class III lift trucks are all either “walkies” or offer the operator the option of standing on a platform. There are 10 different codes or variations of Class III lift trucks:

  1. Lift Code 1: Low Lift Platform (these are not NA or VNA trucks).
  2. Lift Code 2: Low Lift Walkie Platform (these are not NA or VNA trucks).
  3. Lift Code 3: Tractors are designed for transporting attachments.
  4. Lift Code 4: Low Lift Walkie/Center Control
  5. Lift Code 5: Reach Type Outrigger
  6. Lift Code 6: High Lift Straddle
  7. Lift Code 6: Single Face Pallet ("face" is a protective metal grid)
  8. Lift Code 6: High Lift Platform (with outriggers)
  9. Lift Code 7: High Lift Counterbalanced
  10. Lift Code 8: Low Lift Walkie/Rider Pallet and End Control

If you can’t find the used electric forklift for sale you want somewhere in our complete inventory, please contact one of our customer service representatives and we can probably find one for you or direct you to someone who has one. With over 45 years in materials handling behind us, we have an extensive network of contacts and business associates.