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Finding a Used Stand Up Forklift


The Advantage of Used Stand Up Forklift


If you are looking for a used forklift, think about purchasing a used stand up forklift. There are many advantages to stand up (or stand on) forklifts that may make buying one of these the best choice for you.

Used Stand Up Forklift

Stand up forklifts go by several names. They are also commonly called reach trucks, straddle trucks and sometimes double deep reach trucks. However, stand up is the most descriptive name for all of these trucks, because the thing they all have in common is that the operator stands up in the truck rather than sits down. All stand up forklifts are Narrow Aisle forklifts. They are designed for standing so that they can be shorter in length than traditional sit down forklifts. In order for a lift truck to be classified as a Narrow Aisle truck, it must be able to negotiate aisles between 8 and 10 feet in width.

A good used stand up forklift can be a better option than a used sit down forklift in many industrial or warehouse situations. Aside from their narrower turning radius, they are more versatile than sit down forklifts in light to medium duty indoor applications. Typically, they are counterbalanced forklifts that are weighted to prevent the forklift from tipping over. They also sometimes have two outriggers that extend in front of the cab and straddle the forks, taking the weight of the load. When looking for a used stand up forklift, keep this in mind, because one or the other of these types of lift trucks may be better for you.

Used Stand Up Forklift

Because a stand up forklift can perform many jobs that a sit down forklift can perform and can negotiate narrow aisles, it can be an ideal solution in smaller work areas where the operator does not work full time driving the forklift. If you only need one used forklift for your materials handling operations and it does not need to be used more than a limited time on any given day, then a used stand up forklift may be perfect for you. The operator can quickly enter and exit the forklift, easily maneuver it and do whatever needs to be done. Another advantage to a used stand up forklift is that when not in use, its smaller size makes it take up less space in the factory or warehouse.

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