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Hyster Lift Trucks and Used Forklifts

Hyster ForkliftsIn the world of materials handling, the word "Hyster" is synonymous with tough. That's why everyone trusts that a used lift truck bearing the Hyster name and familiar yellow color will go the distance for them. The company was founded in 1929 in the Pacific Northwest logging company. Their reputation as a manufacturer of strong and dependable materials handling equipment quickly spread, until Hyster Lift Trucks became a household name throughout the country.

Hyster continues to make Class VII rough terrain trucks that are suitable for the harsh conditions the logging industry imposes, but the range of Hyster lift trucks extends into all classes of powered industrial trucks as well. In fact, with 130 models available, Hyster has the largest range of new and used lift trucks on the market. Whether you're looking for a light duty 2000 lb capacity used forklift or a used lift truck with a massive 115,000 lb capacity, you can find a Hyster that will do the job for you. Hyster Forklifts

Hysters Forklift Offers Wide Array of Brand New and Used Lift Trucks

Take Hyster's warehouse range of new and used forklifts. You can find everything from electric pallet trucks to the latest and most sophisticated technology in Narrow Aisle (NA) and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) turret trucks. You can find single or double reach trucks, man-up VNAs and any other style of NA or VNA used lift truck you need. Because it is a "used lift truck" or "used forklift" doesn't mean it is inferior to a new lift truck, either. When you buy Hyster lift trucks, you are buying quality and durability. A good used lift truck from this company, sold by a reputable used forklift dealer, will give you years and years of trouble free operation.

Hyster ForkliftsFor a company that boasts some of the most rugged rough terrain new and used lift trucks in the world, Hyster's aim is to also produce the safest powered industrial trucks in the world. They emphasize that Hyster is the SAFE CHOICE for all of your material handling needs and back up their claim with many innovative features that are exclusive to the entire range of Hyster new and used lift trucks. Safety and customer service have been part of the company philosophy since the beginning. As they say: "The sale of a Hyster is just the beginning of the relationship with the customer." That is why a used forklift or heavy duty Hyster lift truck will also include this company's advanced safety features.

At Reconditioned Forklifts, the sale of a used forklift is just the beginning of our relationship with you, our valued customer. Through our association with Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment, an Illinois based business with a proud 40 year history, we offer you unparalleled service and value. We are not a "fly by night" online used forklift dealer - here today and gone tomorrow. We are here for the long haul and look forward to helping our customers find the best used lift truck for their needs at the best possible price. A used lift truck from Reconditioned Forklifts will be a used lift truck you can count on.

For more information about all classes and codes of forklifts, check out our Forklift Guide page.

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