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IC Cushion Forklifts: Best Fit for Indoor & Outdoor Warehouse Operations



Forklifts or lift trucks are a necessity in the day-to-day operations of industrial businesses especially those involved in construction, manufacturing and material handling. For many businesses, the internal combustion (IC) cushion forklift is the best choice for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor warehouse operations.

IC cushion forklifts are also known as class 4 forklifts and are classified as lift code 3 lift trucks. They sport a propane-powered internal combustion engine, a high load capacity and cushion tires.

IC cushion forklifts are also described as sit-down rider forklifts because the forklift operator sits while maneuvering the units.

Because they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, used IC cushion forklifts are some of the most sought after in the used forklifts market.


Internal Combustion (IC) forklifts

IC Cushion Forklift Power Requirements

The IC cushion forklift’s internal combustion engine is powered by propane or gasoline. Due to this, IC cushion forklifts are often called gas forklifts.

As long as it has access to an ample supply of gasoline, the IC cushion forklift can continuously run for more than eight hours. This gives IC cushion forklifts a definite advantage over electric-powered forklifts which need to be recharged after several hours of run time.

For warehouses that operate long hours, the IC cushion forklift fits the bill perfectly.

Because it runs on fuel, running a gas forklift is not very environment friendly. Nonetheless, the exhaust from gas forklifts is minimal and the units can be safely operated indoors in well-ventilated warehouses.


IC Cushion Forklift Lift Capacity

IC cushion forklifts are powerful machines that can carry three times the load capacity of electric-powered forklifts. They can lift loads weighing anywhere from 3,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs.

The IC cushion forklift is specially designed to lift and transport heavy and bulky loads such as pallets, barrels, crates and drums of raw materials and finished products. Its higher lift capacity allows it to pick up and transport several units of goods at once.




IC Cushion Forklift Tire Type


IC cushion forklifts are mounted on cushion tires.IC forklifts

Cushion tires, otherwise known as hard tires, are made of solid rubber. Compared to air-filled pneumatic tires, cushion tires are not in any danger of punctures and therefore require less maintenance.

Cushion tires, however, are not very effective in absorbing shocks from the ground. Cushion tire forklifts are best operated inside warehouses with smooth and hard flooring. They are also suitable for outdoor applications as long as they are kept on hard and even surfaces such as paved roads.

Businesses do not have to own a brand new cushion lift truck to enjoy its benefits. It is fairly easy to rent an IC cushion forklift from many reputable equipment dealers like Bahrn Equipment. Used IC cushion forklifts are also widely available on the market at great discounted prices.

Capable of heavy lifting in indoor and outdoor environments, IC cushion forklifts play major roles in warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants.

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