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Lift and Move Pallets with Ease Using Walkies

Walkies are Ideal for Lifts pallets and Cranes



Pallets and crates of goods are very heavy and bulky. An empty pallet alone weighs four dozen pounds or more. Walkies or walkie forklifts allows for the easy lifting, transportation and organization of pallets.

Walkies are ideal for picking up palletized stocks and transporting them over short distances indoors. They are a great asset in any warehouse.

Walkie Forklift Lift Capacity

Walkies can do the job of several men at once. A typical walkie can lift loads of 2000 lbs to 4000 lbs at a time. Some units can even manage 6000 lbs.

Walkies can also lift and raise loads to up to two meters high.

WalkiesWithout the aid of a walkie forklift, a lot of hands would be needed to manually lift and transport fully loaded pallets. Stacking pallets would also be hard and hazardous labor if done manually.

Only one person is needed to operate a walkie forklift. This allows businesses and warehouse owners to save time and minimize labor costs.

Used walkie forklifts are always in demand. Fortunately the demand can be filled because larger warehouses periodically replace their forklifts even when they are still in good working order. A used walkie can be a productive and money saving piece of industrial equipment even in a small workshop or warehouse.

Manual vs. Electric Walkies

Walkies may be manually operated or fully automated.

Manual walkies require the forklift operator to physically guide and move the unit. These types of walkies work best in warehouses with smooth floors and little traffic.

For warehouses with uneven flooring, an
electric walkie or electric pallet jack is advisable.

Compared to other types of forklifts, walkies are the easiest to move around due to their smaller sizes and lighter weight. The forklift operator usually walks behind the unit while it is running, hence the name “walkie.”

Types of Walkies

Walkies are also known as class 3 forklifts. They are formally categorized into eight lift codes numbered 1 to 8.

Regardless of its many lift codes, walkies are generally divided into three main groups: walkie stackers, walkie reach stackers and counterbalanced walkies.  


  • Walkie Stackers

  Walkie stackers are light duty forklifts with a lift capacity of 1500 lbs to 4000 lbs. The forks on these lift trucks can only move vertically -- upward and downward.

  • Walkie Reach Stackers
    Walkie reach stackers are upgraded versions of the walkie stacker. The forks on these units may be tilted for better maneuverability. Some models come equipped with a side shift and may be fitted with rotators, clamps and other accessories.
    Walkie reach stackers have a lift capacity of 3000 lbs to 4000 lbs.

  • Counterbalanced Walkies
    Counterbalanced walkies have a different build compared to walkie stackers and walkie reach stackers. They have longer bodies and do not have front legs.
    Counterbalanced walkies can lift loads at floor level and offer better stability when raising pallets at higher levels.
    Walikes make the lifting and stacking of pallets faster, easier and more manageable. Big or small, any warehouse will benefit having a walkie forklift on hand.

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