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Nissan Lift Trucks and Used Lift Trucks

Nissan Forklifts are Efficient, Reliable and Eco-Friendly


Reconditioned ForkliftsNissan cars, pick up trucks and lift trucks have a long established reputation for value, quality and reliability. Nissan Forklifts North America has headquarters in Marengo, Illinois, where its staff of over 350 produces the full range of Nissan lift trucks for the company's North and South American customers. Nissan is dedicated to producing the safest, most reliable and fuel efficient lift trucks on the market today. A new or used Nissan forklift will reflect this commitment and help you maximize productivity and profits while reducing your environmental impact at the same time.

Reconditioned Forklifts

Nissan Forklift Platinum is Nissan's Philosophy in Action

The Nissan Platinum series of new and used lift trucks is an example of the Nissan philosophy in action. In a test conducted by the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research, an unloaded Nissan 5000 lb cushion tire truck delivered fuel savings of up to 11% over two rival companies. This amounted to a yearly savings in fuel consumption for a fleet of 10 vehicles of over $5000. In today's world, companies need to save money in every way they can. When you can buy a used lift truck or a fleet of used forklifts that offer you fuel savings like that, you can't lose.

A used Nissan forklift can help you increase productivity at the same time that it saves you money. In another study based on a 1200 hour usage rate, Nissan lift trucks outperformed their competitors by between 850 to 2500 cycles per truck. This combined with the savings in fuel adds up to a used lift truck that can really boost your company's profits.

Reconditioned ForkliftsNissan has been producing forklifts in the United States for many years now. This means that there are many high quality used Nissan forklifts available. Materials handling enterprises both large and small are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing productivity in today's tough economic climate. A smaller company that buys a used forklift or a large warehouse that buys a fleet of  used lift trucks saves thousands of dollars on their initial cash outlay without sacrificing productivity. This, together with buying one of the most economical used forklifts on the market, a Nissan, means serious savings both in the long and the short term. 

Nissan has IC cushion and pneumatic new and used forklifts, electric pallet trucks, walkies, Narrow Aisle and NA stackers and many other new and used lift trucks in their product range. All of these are renowned for their economy of use, reliability and quality. Look for the Nissan Platinum series of  new and used Nissan forklift if you're looking for the ultimate in fuel efficiency combined with high productivity.

Nissan Forklifts are Available at Reconditioned Forklifts in Illinois

Look no further than Reconditioned Forklifts for everything you need to maximize your productivity. A good used forklift for sale from a company with a record of service like ours can save you money while it helps you increase productivity and profits. This is an unbeatable combination. Why buy a new forklift when you can buy a used forklift at a fraction of the price, yet still have all of the benefits a new lift truck can offer? Don't forget, too, that quality used Toyota forklifts and other major brands are all available here as well.


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