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Raymond Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks


Raymond Corporation is a Reliable Old Timer

Reconditioned Forklifts

Established in 1922, the Raymond Corporation is one of the world's oldest manufacturers of lift trucks. The company motto, "The Pursuit of Perfection," reflects this company's continuing commitment to quality and innovation throughout its more than ninety year history. So naturally A used Raymond forklift will have that quality built in to it. 

Raymond Forklifts Live by its Trademark

Raymond Forklifts introduced the narrow aisle forklift concept in the 1950s. Today, the company continues this tradition with their trademarked Reach-Fork trucks. There are 3 different models of new and used lift trucks from the Reach-Fork range. The model 7400 features a heavy duty mast and 4500 lb lifting capacity. Running on AC power, it operates smoothly and efficiently. This, combined with innovative ergonomic features like a multi-function "hand shake" control stick and A-frame anti caster snap technology making the Raymond  forklift one of the most user friendly of its kind in the market.

Reconditioned Forklifts

The 7600 reach truck from Raymond Forklifts can handle 4500 lbs at lower heights and up to 3200 lbs at heights of up to 37 feet, making it ideal for warehouses with taller pallet racks. The 7600 new or used Raymond forklift is a comfortable sit/stand model - perfect for reducing operator fatigue over long shifts.

If a narrow aisle used forklift isn't enough for you and you require a VNA or Very Narrow Aisle used lift truck, then the remarkable Raymond 9000 series may be what you're looking for. These can be operated in aisles as narrow as 68" and reach heights of up to 45 feet. There are few limitations to what these new or used lift trucks can do, either. They can handle load sizes of up to four feet deep and nine feet wide. For greater safety, they feature Raymond's trademarked intelliguide system, which automatically steers the truck, allowing the operator to focus his attention fully on order picking. It is remarkable to find a used forklift with advanced features like this, but Raymond has been producing these for enough years that there are many quality late model used forklifts for sale from the 9000 series on the market.

Reconditioned Forklifts Sit down counterbalanced used forklifts are among the most sought after on the used lift truck market. The Raymond 4700 model is an example of a used forklift that can perform like new. Like other Raymond lift trucks, it uses an AC power system for superior performance. It also features oil-cooled disc brakes for longer lasting performance and six performance levels that can be set according to application needs and operator skills. These and other used Raymond Forklift features make them a brand to look for when you're looking for a used forklift or other used lift truck.

Raymond Forklifts are Available at Reconditioned Forklifts in Illinios

Reconditioned Forklifts has been in the materials handling business through our parent company, Bahrns Equipment, for over 40 years. Our team of customer service representatives knows everything there is to know about used Raymond forklifts and our service technicians have been factory trained in servicing all brands and types of used lift trucks. Together, the Reconditioned Forklifts team strives above all else for excellence in service and value for our used lift truck customers.

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