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Safely Lift and Transport Heavy Loads Indoors with an Electric Rider

Electric Rider Forklifts


The electric rider or class 1 forklift is ideal for lifting heavy loads in indoor environments such as warehouses and silos. For businesses that unload and transport large amounts of items and supplies every day, a forklift like the electric rider is an indispensable tool.

The electric rider is also called an electric forklift or an electric lift truck. The vehicle is battery-operated and does not emit any exhaust fumes and other toxic gases. In addition, it comes with noise reduction technology.

Exhaust-free and noise-free, the electric rider is perfect for indoor use. Used electric rider forklifts are often excellent value for money because they are typically used indoors and not subjected to harsh weather or rough treatment.


Electric Rider Lift Codes

Electric riders are divided into categories or lift codes. They are available in lift code numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6.

Electric riders under lift code 1 are stand up forklifts. These lift trucks have their counterbalance weights integrated within the body of the vehicle.

Electric Rider ForkliftsElectric riders under lift codes 4, 5 and 6, on the other hand, are sit down forklifts. The counterbalance weights of these lift trucks are located at the rear end of the vehicles.

Counterbalance is important to prevent forklifts from overturning when lifting heavy loads. Because electric riders are counterbalanced, they are also known as counterbalance forklifts.

Most electric riders can safely carry loads of 3000-4000 pounds at a time.  With an electric rider, you can quickly take care of any heavy lifting and use your manpower for other more important tasks.

For more information about forklift classifications and codes, check out our Forklift Guide: What you need to know about forklifts.


Other Electric Rider Features

One other feature of a lift code 4 electric rider is the presence of only three wheels. Other forklifts have four wheels which offer more stability.

Lift code 5 electric riders are also known for their cushioned, solid tires, while lift code 6 electric riders are notable for their pneumatic tires.

The presence of pneumatic tires makes lift code 6 electric riders very suitable for rough terrain. Pneumatic tires contain air which cushions the forklift from jarring movements when navigating rugged terrain. In this way, pneumatic tires extend the life of lift code 6 electric riders.


Electric Rider Operational Time 

Electric Rider Forklifts

An electric rider can operate non-stop for six to eight hours -- long enough to last one work shift. Afterwards, the batteries need to be replaced or recharged. The batteries can be recharged overnight and the forklift will be fully operational for another day’s work in the morning.

It is nonetheless a good idea to keep a spare battery to ensure that your manufacturing and business operations are not halted. You never know when you may need to work extended hours.

Electric riders are available in 36V and 48V configurations. A 48V electric rider is quicker but also drains batteries faster. A few electric riders have 80V systems.

Compared to other forklifts, the electric rider is relatively affordable to maintain and operate. This makes the electric rider a great and economical addition to businesses with warehouse operations and those that deal with materials handling, construction and other industrial activities.

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