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Toyota Forklifts and Used Lift Trucks

Toyota Forklifts are The Best Selling Lift Trucks in US

Reconditioned Forklifts


Toyota Industrial Equipment has been operating in the United States for over 40 years. Since 2002, Toyota lift trucks have been the Number 1 selling lift trucks in America. Used Toyota forklifts are some of the most sought after in the country as well. The reasons for Toyota's success can be summed up in three words: Quality, Safety and Reliability.


Toyota's commitment to quality is undisputed. Quality is written into Toyota's corporate philosophy. It is summed up in the Japanese word "kaizen", which translates as "continuous improvement". Naturally, used Toyota forklifts are definitely quality forklifts.


Safety is built into every Toyota forklift. The Toyota commitment to continuous improvement has led to many innovative safety features that are unique to Toyota new and used forklifts. In fact, it was Toyota's trademarked System of Active Stability (SAS) that catapulted Toyota into becoming the Number One forklift in America. Introduced in 1999 on their 7-Series forklifts, it has since been made a part of most of their internal combustion lift trucks. It is likely that a used Toyota forklift will include this feature. If not, all Toyota's are renowned for their safety features, so whichever used Toyota lift truck you choose, it will undoubtedly include superior safety inclusions. 


Reconditioned Forklifts

99% of Toyota lift trucks used in America are also manufactured in America. In 2009, the number of American made Toyotas sold in the United States surpassed 350,000. If buying an American made used forklift is your priority, then your Toyota used lift truck will probably be one of those 350,000!


Whatever type of used lift truck you need, you can find a used Toyota forklift that will suit your purposes. Toyota manufactures all classes of lift trucks, including internal combustion and electric models, pneumatic tire and cushion tire vehicles, reach trucks and order pickers, stand up and sit down models, electric and manual pallet trucks and walkie forklifts. If you want quality  used Toyota forklifts, you can find it, no matter what type of used lift truck you are looking for.

Toyota Commits to Deliver Quality Reconditioned Used Forklifts

Reconditioned Forklifts

Toyota's commitment to quality extends to their Toyota Certified Used Forklift program. In order to qualify for this program, a Toyota used lift truck must pass a 103 point checklist that covers every facet of the truck's operation, including but not limited to engine performance and safety. A Toyota Certified Used Forklift comes with a one year/2000 hour Powertrain limited warranty. Naturally, a company like Toyota will insist on including only Toyota genuine parts on all of their reconditioned used forklifts.

Reconditioned Forklifts Offer Used Toyota Forklifts and More

At Reconditioned Forklifts, we sell all major brands and classes of used Toyota forklifts and other forklifts. Our commitment to quality mirrors the commitment to quality manufacturing the top brands, like Toyota are renowned for. We thoroughly inspect every used forklift that comes through our doors. If sold in "As Is" condition, we clearly indicate the defects we have found and price these used forklifts accordingly. Our reconditioned forklifts go through an extensive checklist and include only genuine OEM parts. Contact Us for more information about all the reconditioned and used lift trucks and other industrial trucks for sale on our site and in our central Illinois showroom and distribution center.

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