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Used Lift Truck: How to Choose the Right One

Very often, used lift truck how to guides overlook some important points about buying used forklifts. While they give useful check lists and suggestions about where to buy the cheapest used lift truck, they miss the bigger picture. When you buy any materials handling equipment, you need to weigh your future needs in the balance. Often, one's immediate needs and budget overshadow this bigger picture.

used lift truck

Find the Right Used Lift Trcuk for your needs: Know Your Options

Just when you need the expense the least, you find that you simply can't get by without a forklift. Maybe your existing one is costing you too much in repairs or maybe that pallet truck you've been using for years just can't cope with your demands. There are many reasons for needing a new or used forklift. Before deciding on settling for a basic 3000 lb electric used forklift, take a look around your work environment and consider some options.

Do you feel that space is tight in your warehouse? Maybe you've been limiting yourself because your existing forklift only has a limited height capacity or cannot operate efficiently in an aisle less than 12 or 15 feet wide. In that case, consider getting a Narrow Aisle (NA) used lift truck. By adding another level to your pallet racks and moving the racks closer together, you can often double your useable floor space. If you're a small operation and can get by with just one forklift, a good NA used forklift can also double as a general purpose truck.

used lift truck

The last thing you need is another monthly repayment, so you decide to pay cash and get the cheapest used lift truck you can find. This is an understandable decision, but is it really a wise one? When you buy a forklift, it should be for the same reason you hire a new employee - because the cost of his labor will be offset by his productivity. Since you have enough money to pay a large deposit and a good used forklift dealer can offer a very favorable repayment schedule, it will pay you to find a used forklift for sale that comes with an Operational Guarantee or solid warranty. The only guarantee you get with a cheap forklift from a private party is that you are going to be facing some heavy repair bills!

The best used lift truck how to advice is to get professional advice from a used lift truck dealer with years of experience behind him and a record of quality, reliability and service. A good used forklift dealer will be able to sell you a forklift "as is," if that's what you want or he will be able to sell you a quality reconditioned used forklift, such as a Certified Reconditioned Toyota forklift. His only agenda is to show you how to find the best forklift for your needs and help you with your decision.

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