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Used Raymond Forklifts

Since its founding in 1922, the Raymond Corporation has been a leader in the materials handling equipment field. Taking a hands-on approach to forklift design and manufacturing, Raymond engineers don’t just sit in isolated offices drawing specifications, they actually go out on the road and visit factories and warehouses in order to better understand their needs. Similarly, Reconditioned Forklifts does not just sell used Raymond Forklifts and miscellaneous equipment online. We are a team of dedicated materials handling experts who know from first-hand experience what our customers need.

Used Raymond Forklift in the warehouse

Our online roots may not go back as far as Raymond’s, but our parent company, Bahrns Materials Handling & Supply, has been in business since 1966, when it opened its doors in Effingham, Illinois. As you will discover when you contact us for information about used Raymond forklifts, we are, as we say on our About Us page, the “interface between you and one of the oldest and most respected names in the materials handling world.”

Finding Used Raymond Forklifts Online

There’s no shortage of used Raymond forklifts online. One of America’s biggest selling and most durable lines of lift trucks, they are continually being traded in or sold as companies’ needs change. With a line of products that include all classes of forklifts, whether you need an electric walkie or a heavy duty diesel, you can probably find a Raymond somewhere in cyberspace. The question is not, “Can I find a used Raymond forklift?” but, “Who can I trust to buy my forklift from?”

When buying any used equipment online, you need to look for the same things you would look for when you buy used goods anywhere:

  • Does the seller’s good reputation precede it?
  • Does the seller know the product it is selling?
  • Do they inspect their used goods and have a “full disclosure” company policy?
  • Are their products backed by a dependable warranty or guarantee?

At Reconditioned Forklifts, the answer to all these questions is, “Yes:”

  • The Bahrns reputation for quality and service spread by word of mouth, not advertising hype.
  • With nearly a half century of service behind us and a dedicated team of materials handling professionals on our staff, we know our products inside and out.
  • Our factory trained service technicians inspect and checklist every forklift that comes into our inventory. All information, both good and bad, about a used Raymond forklift for sale on our website is clearly presented to you.
  • Our classification system guarantees that you will receive an appropriate warranty or guarantee for the used forklift of your choice.

Used lift trucks in our inventory are clearly divided into three forklift condition classifications:

  1. “As Is” used forklifts have been inspected, but not serviced. If our service technicians have deemed them inoperable, they may be further classified as “As Is – Parts Only.”
  2. “Guaranteed Operational” means just what it says: the forklift will be in working order when it arrives at your door.
  3. “Reconditioned” forklifts have been thoroughly reconditioned by our factory trained service technicians and come with warranties backed by the Bahrns 40 year history of integrity.

Buying a used forklift online is not like downloading a software program. You want to know everything about the company you’re buying from and the forklift you’re purchasing before you make such a significant investment in your business future. That’s why we encourage you to contact us directly with any questions you may have. 

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