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Used Walkie Stacker

Used Walkie Stacker Forklifts: Essential Equipment

Used walkie stackerSome of the biggest selling forklifts on the market are walkie stackers. Sometimes called “entry level” forklifts because they are the easiest forklifts to use and are often the first forklift a business buys, walkie stackers deliver far more than “entry level” performance. In fact, even the largest warehouses have walkie stackers in their fleets because they are needed for so many applications. An economical used walkie stacker forklift may be all you need to boost productivity in your workplace.

What is a Walkie Stacker?

OSHA classifies walkie stackers as Class III “electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks.” They are broken down further into 8 separate codes:

  1. Low Lift Platform
  2. Low Lift Walkie Platform
  3. Tractors (designed for transporting attachments)
  4. Low Lift Walkie/Center Control
  5. Reach Type Outrigger
  6. High Lift Straddle, Single Face Pallet, High Lift Platform 
  7. High Lift Counterbalanced
  8. Low Lift Walkie/Rider Pallet and End Control

Of these, low lift pallet jacks are the most used in smaller industrial settings, where heavy goods need to be frequently moved. High lift pallet jacks are another popular alternative, giving operators the option of moving goods at near ground level or stacking them on pallet racks.

Pallet jacks are distinguished from platform trucks by the familiar parallel forks that are inserted into pallets. Platform trucks, as the name implies, have wide platforms for loading and transporting goods and materials. More versatile than platform lift trucks, pallet jack types of used walkie stacker forklifts are both more in demand and more available than platform trucks.

Choosing Used Walkie Stacker Forklifts

If you are a first time used walkie stacker forklift buyer, you may be confused by all the varieties that are available. Since any forklift’s value to a business is only as great as its usefulness, it’s important to make an informed decision. When looking at used walkies here on ReconditionedForklifts, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How heavy a load does my walkie need to carry?
  • How high does it need to lift?
  • Does it need to negotiate narrow spaces?
  • Will the walkie be regularly traveling long distances?

walkie stackersIf you anticipate regularly needing to carry heavy loads, consider buying a counter-balanced walkie. These are designed for heavier loads. If you’re going to need to both lift heavy loads and stack them high, then you probably need a high lift counterbalanced model (Code 7). If your walkie is going to have to negotiate narrow spaces, you may need to look at narrow aisle (Class 2) forklifts instead. If it is going to be used frequently to travel across the warehouse floor, consider buying a hand/rider used walkie stacker forklift with a platform the operator can stand on. For more detailed information about walkies, check out our article, Lift and Move Pallets with Ease Using Walkies.

Another way to choose the right used walkie stacker forklift is to contact us at directly. Our sales and service personnel are experts in materials handling and help customers find the right equipment for their needs every day. A division of Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment & Supply Company, we have over 45 years experience behind us. Take advantage of our experience and take the guesswork out of finding your used walkie stacker forklift. That’s what we’re here for.