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Wrap Up Outdoor Materials Handling Processes Faster with IC Pneumatic Forklifts

Industrial and materials handing activities would take longer and more effort to complete without the aid of forklifts or lift trucks. There are many types of forklifts and not many can handle outdoor materials handling activities better than the IC pneumatic forklift.

IC pneumatic forklifts are officially classified as class 5 forklifts and further categorized as lift code 4 lift trucks. Its classification indicates that the IC pneumatic forklift is powered by an internal combustion engine and mounted on pneumatic tires.

In addition, the IC pneumatic forklift is a sit down type of lift truck. The forklift operator is seated when operating the unit.

Because of their versatility, used IC pneumatic forklifts are always in demand.

IC Pneumatic Forklift

IC Pneumatic Forklift Engine Type

The IC pneumatic forklift gets part of its name form its internal combustion (IC) engine just like the class 4 forklift. The internal combustion engine makes IC forklifts more robust and powerful than electric-powered forklifts.

An internal combustion engine requires fuel in the form of LPG, gasoline or diesel in order to run. Some units can be powered by two types of fuel making them easier to maintain. Those that are powered by diesel are often called diesel forklifts.

The internal combustion engine of the IC pneumatic forklift causes it to emit carbon and other fumes making it unsuitable for indoor activities. The IC pneumatic forklift, however, is one of the best pneumatic lift trucks suitable for heavy duty applications in open air environments.

IC Pneumatic Forklift Tire Type

Pneumatic tires are one of the unique characteristics of an IC pneumatic forklift. Unlike the rubber tires of indoor forklifts, pneumatic tires are built to withstand hard and rough terrain. They are long-lasting, durable and act as shock absorbers when the pneumatic lift truck is operated on bumpy surfaces.

The IC pneumatic forklift does not, however, move well on soft ground. Care should be taken not to bring the unit in muddy or sandy areas. 

IC Pneumatic Forklift

Coupled with a powerful internal combustion engine, the pneumatic tires of the IC pneumatic forklift allow it to go up elevated surfaces with ease.

IC Pneumatic Forklift Counterbalance Measures

IC pneumatic forklifts are usually counterbalanced. A counterbalanced IC pneumatic forklift contains counterbalance weights that provide the unit with added stability when lifting heavy loads. These counterbalance weights prevent the unit from losing its balance when lifting loads from the ground and raising loads at high levels.

To prevent the unit from tipping over, it should not be used to lift more than its designated lift capacity. IC pneumatic forklifts can usually lift loads of around 3000 lbs to 6500 lbs or more.

With an IC pneumatic forklift, you can move loads that are too large and heavy for one person to lift. In addition to saving on labor costs, these industrial machines will allow you quickly finish your materials handling operations. Take care when choosing IC pneumatic and other forklifts for sale online. Because you cannot inspect them in advance, you need to know you are dealing with a company that has an established record of quality and service behind them.

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